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Cambodia, one of the major parts of Indochina peninsula, is home of many interesting places as well as unique culture which is combination of the old tradition and modern development. Phnom Penh is an ideal destination for anyone who loves the miracle palaces where people once set foot on Cambodia. The capital of Cambodia, remains the pains from the war of Khmer Rouge in the Killing Fields. You may once see the famous Angkor in several TV shows/programs or at least in the Hollywood film Tomb Riders. Cambodia will leave you memorable experiences about an old French colonial architecture, religious beliefs and warm hospitality. And it is very excellent to take a vacation to Tonle Sap Lake’s charming floating villages and watch the sunset behind the mystical, temple-dotted jungle. What are you waiting for? Take the luggage, come and enjoy all of wonderful things that your Cambodia vacation can offer.

  • Awesome Things To Do & See in Cambodia

    Awesome Things To Do & See in Cambodia

    As soon as you enter Cambodia and grace your eyes with the enchanting landscape and emerge in the rich culture of this country, you will understand why people consider Cambodia […]

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  • 1st-Trip Myanmar Travel Destinations

    1st-Trip Myanmar Travel Destinations

    Let’s discover top travel destinations, tourist spots, attractions for your Myanmar vacation. This country is one of the most mysterious nations in Southeast Asia due to its cultural and geographical […]

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  • Dos and Donts in Cambodia

    Dos and Donts in Cambodia

    Cambodia is becoming a fascinating destination for tourists. It is a beautiful country with many unique cultural traditions. Knowing the “code of communication” will make your Cambodia tour more interesting […]

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  • Homestay in Cambodia - Don’t Just Visit It, Live It

    Homestay in Cambodia – Don’t Just Visit It, Live It

    If you are a budget traveler or not homestay experience in Cambodia is good choice for you to enjoy a peaceful space offering a chance to mingle with local culture […]

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  • Cambodia cuisine

    Top Delicious Food in Cambodia

    Besides seeing some famous attractions in cambodia, having fun with local food is also an amazing experience. Here are the best food in Cambodia that you should try while travelling […]

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  • Best advices for travelling to Cambodia

    Common Scams in Cambodia and How to Avoid

    Travelling to Cambodia would be one of the most amazing experiences for tourists. However, you should pay attention to the scams to have a safe and enjoying trip to Cambodia. […]

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  • Cambodia etiquette

    Cambodia Etiquette

    Preparing a little bit about local culture before you travel to Cambodia is a need that will not only help you avoid unnecessary misunderstanding but will also ingratiate yourself with […]

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  • Buddhist monks and the praying woman in Cambodia

    Cambodia Scam: Fake Monks

    Tourists in Cambodia may have some problems with the fake monks who annoy and take advantage of the tourists. Here are some tips for you to distinguish the fake monks […]

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  • Cambodia Riel

    Currency and Exchange Rate in Cambodia

    Money used in Cambodia
    Cambodian called their national currency is RIEL (pronounced as “real” in English)
    RIEL is written “KHR” in short for example KHR 1,000.00. “KHR” means Khmer Riel. […]

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  • Buddhist monk pray for the death of people

    Dead Ceremony in Cambodia

    Nearly 96% of Cambodian is Therevada Buddhism followers, which impact how Cambodians perform their funerals. Regarding to the Cambodian Buddhist’s view, death is not the end of one’s life, it’s […]

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