Bokor Plateau – the Mysterious Land of Cambodia

Formerly known as the “ghost town” in Cambodia, the Bokor Plateau in Cambodia offers visitors the ruins of old French buildings, always hidden in the mist. However, after many years of development, this place has revived and became an extremely attractive tourist destination in Cambodia tour.

bokor plateau cambodia

Bokor Plateau Brief Information

Bokor belongs to the Damrei Range of Kampot Province, 150 km west of Phnom Penh, in the west-southwest of Cambodia. This is a sacred land with cool air all year round with forests and mountains, and abundant water from the rain scattered all year round, giving the view of mountains and forests wild and fresh. At the top of the mountain, white clouds cover, creating a sense of sacred mystery.

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The History of Bokor Plateau

The Khmer named this mountain as Bokor because of the remote view of the mountain like the hump on the back of the cow, the word “Bokor” in Cambodian language meaning the hump on the back of the cow. At present, Bokor mountain is an interesting Cambodia tourist destination of many travelers and is also a place where Vietnamese people and Cambodian people come to worship.

bokor plateau history cambodia

In the early of the 20th of Cambodia, French colonized Cambodia and discovered the beauty of Bokor mountain and plateau which was an ideal place to build the best luxurious resort ever in Indochina. A series of constructions were quickly completed to meet the demand for entertainment and culture such as Bokor casinos, church, and hotels…However, the French withdrew out of Cambodia leading to the desolation of Bokor plateau and mountain and this place became “the city of ghosts” with ancient buildings. Until 1993, Bokor was awakened up and Bokor casinos, resorts, and hotels were opened widely for tourists all over the world.

Bokor Mountain

Bokor mountain peak has the height of 1080m above sea level. It has a cool climate like Dalat of Vietnam, temperature ranges from 10-20 degrees Celsius. It is also because of the richness of the cool weather that Bokor is considered as “Da Lat” of Cambodia by many Vietnamese people. In particular, standing on the top of the mountain, visitors can view the panoramic view of the Gulf of Thailand and also see Phu Quoc Island of Vietnam if the weather is favorable for the observation.

Bokor Mountain

Conquering the mysterious mountain Bokor, visitors have to experience the winding road in an immense forest space. The higher the front, the more blurred the fog. Coming to Bokor mountain, visitors not only experience the feeling of climbing but also experience a cool atmosphere with the sea breeze. On the climbing road, there are many relics to visit, most of them are relics abandoned by the French built from the Cambodian domination.

Best Things to Do & See in Bokor Plateau

Thansur Bokor Resort Highland Resort

Nearly half a century have fallen asleep, the Bokor Plateau has made the biggest change because of the arrival of the five-star Thansur Bokor Highland Resort – located in Preah Monivong Bokor National Park, offering many visitors convenient and attractive services such as swimming pool, restaurant, bar, karaoke, entertainment area, casino, spa, sauna, … With unique architecture and facilities, this is the must-see place in Bokor mountain tours.

bokor casino Thansur Bokor Resort Highland Resort

Yamao Stationary

On the way down to the Sihanoukville Sea and back up to the Bokor Plateau, you will have the opportunity to admire the giant statue of St. Yamao on the side of the road. Yamao is the ruler of Mount Bokor from the viewpoint of the Cambodians attached to the legend of finding her husband. Statue of St. Mary was built in February 2012, 22m high on a pedestal 15m with an area of about 1,500 square meters. On the way to the mountains, visitors must surely visit her. This is the most popular tourist attractions in Bokor Mountain in Cambodia up to this time.

The Wat Sampov Pram Temple

The temple is a must-see destination in the Bokor Plateau. The Wat Samprov Pram Temple has a unique architecture, surrounded by five rocks look like the boat, so it is also known as the “Five Boat” temple. Particularly, this temple is located in the beautiful scenery to see the majestic nature. From here you can see Phu Quoc Island of Vietnam and the French cathedral has deserted.

The Wat Sampov Pram Temple bokor plateau

Bokor National Park

Bokor National Park has been one of the most heavily protected areas since 1993. The park has a myriad of rare plants and animals that are only found in Bokor mountain. During your Cambodia trip, when you enter this national park, in addition to being immersed in the nature of plants, you will have the opportunity to admire the rare animals and plants such as Indian elephants, Malayan bears, gibbons, macaques, Culi Sunda, red deer (India), rat deer, pangolin, golden terns,…

Popokvil Waterfall

There is also a waterfall in Popokvil that contains mysterious historical flows. Popokvil is a two-story waterfall and is an ideal place for swimming and bathing in hot suns. The upper deck of the waterfall is about 15 meters high and is ideal for swimming and the lower level of about 18 meters. The name of this waterfall is translated with the meaning “clouds floating”. Around the waterfall is a view of wild, fresh, overlapping rocks stacked with luxuriant green plants, each group can stop sightseeing, rest, take pictures.

Popokvil Waterfall bokor plateau

Nearby Attractions in Bokor Plateau

Kampot Town Center

See the square with giant durian fruits symbol, surrounded by rambutans, mangosteen, coconuts … These fruits are the specialty of Kampot

Le Bokor Palace

If you are in search of a luxurious accommodation during your bokor mountain tour, then 6-star Le Bokor Palace will satisfy your demands. Built by French in the 20th century, the hotel is the best place to enjoy the panoramic view of Bokor mountains with 36 luxury rooms with colonial décor, furniture of latest amenities, and state-of-the-art dining areas with mouth-watering dishes from fresh ingredients.

Le Bokor Palace bokor plateau

Teuk Chhou River

About 15 km from Kampot town, in Cambodia, Teuk Chhou means flowing water. Bathing the stream, enjoying the specialties like burning chicken is the experience should be here.

Kep City

This is a coastal city very close to Kampot, which is very suitable for you to combine in your Cambodia vacation with the beautiful sea with fine white sand and clear water. Here, in addition to swimming, you do not forget to enjoy the delicious food in the coastal market. The most prominent dish is Bok Lahong – a spicy salad.

kep city bokor plateau

The Pepper & Durian Garden in Kampot

In addition, you can visit the pepper garden and durian garden in Kampot, enjoy the fresh durian segments or seafood dishes are made with pepper.

Things to Remember for a Perfect Bokor Plateau Tour

To have a wonderful and safe travel, especially Bokor mountain tours, remember to bring:
• Jacket, long jeans for sun and mosquitoes protection. Kampot has a lot of mosquitoes.
• Hats, sunscreen, cream, and insect repellent.
• Some medicines for underlying diseases.
• Riel or USD