Visit Sihanoukville to See Koh Rong’s Glowing Plankton


In the Cambodia tours, most tourists think of the mysterious Angkor Wat – Angkor Thom World Heritage, a bustling Phnom Penh capital, a vibrant Sihanoukville coastal city. But few ones know that Cambodia has a very beautiful jade island, known as “Lost paradise” – Koh Rong in Sihanoukville, where visitors will not have to spend thousands of dollars to visit the paradise – Maldives, but still can see the sparkle of the sea.

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Koh Rong Island Brief Introduction

Located about 20 km from the coastal city Sihanoukville, Koh Rong is an island located in the Gulf of Thailand. It takes about 2 hours to go to the island, from a distance, seawater is green jade with white sand stretch. Add to that is the dark blue of the tropical rainforest, creating a cool and picturesque green space.

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Opposite to vibrant Sihanoukville, Koh Rong is truly a pristine and tranquil paradise that makes you fall in love as soon as you set foot with the impression at first sight, not only by the clear blue sea, white sand, bright sunshine but also by the various and rich marine life of its. The primeval and animal forests on the island are planned for tourism by professionals from France, Russia. You can easily book an adventurous dive tour to discover the beautiful coral reefs or rent a boat from a local fisherman to experience a fishing trip near the shore, feel a sense of floating on the sea.

Sparkly Phosphorescent Plankton Lights on Koh Rong Island

Traveling to Koh Rong, you should stay overnight on the island, especially on the moonless nights, because this is the perfect time to witness the rare phenomenon of nature in the world: the phosphorescent sea. Most visitors come to Koh Rong just to get this unique experience. Interestingly, the nightlife in Koh Rong island is so safe that you can completely dive between the sparkling “diamonds” floating on the sea as glowing as a galaxy.

Phosphorescent Plankton Lights in Kohrong Island, Cambodia Tour Package These strange blobs are caused by luminous phytoplankton that emits pale cyanide when under pressure, creating one of the planet’s most magical glowing scenes with sparkling beaches. This species grows very rapidly as the nitrogen and phosphorus released by the human into the sea increased.

How to See the Plankton Lights on Koh Rong Island?

To see the phosphorescent plankton you just need to go to the darkest side of the beach during the night and go into the water till you are about 1 meter deep. As the plankton start to light up when you “shake” the water, so swirl the water with your hands and feet. Longer you do it more sparkly plankton in the water.
Anyway, as you can see in some pictures if you are lucky you can see it with the sea waves.
If you have with you the snorkeling mask, you also can use it to see underwater and start to swim in the spiral.

Some Tips When Seeing Plankton Lights on Koh Rong Island

Go Cambodia Tours recommends bringing a mask when traveling to Koh Rong to see Plankton lights at night.
Being bitten by plankton is unavoidable, but do not worry, it just makes you feel “zap” a bit, but in return, you will have a great experience in Koh Rong island.
You should bring insect repellent and sunscreen when traveling Koh Rong.

Wish you have a memorable Cambodia beach holiday in Koh Rong island