Enjoy Tarantula Black Spider – An Amazing Specialty in Cambodia

Enjoy Tarantula Black Spider – An Amazing Specialty in Cambodia

Black spider specialty is a favorite food of Cambodian people, often eaten with herbs, but not every traveler is brave enough to try. At first glance, black spider food makes many tourists “horrible” but this specialty is very popular with Cambodian locals. Nowadays, it becomes a unique food for many foreign tourists on Cambodia tours.


Tarantula Spiders – the Main Ingredients of Cambodia Black Spider Specialty

According to the researchers, Tarantula is a type of spider that contains venom and if they attack humans it will be very harmful. Outside the spider’s body also has numerous hairs that cause itching on contact with the skin.

When encountered with an enemy, the spider Tarantula will use her hind legs to swing her belly and automatically shoot the hairs towards the enemy. If you get stuck in this spider’s hair, it can cause irritation, even respiratory irritation, which is harmful to your health. Although it is harmful, the dish made from this spider is a great interest food of Cambodia tourists and is an important source of income for locals.

The Origin of Cambodia Black Spider Specialty

Have you ever heard of the famous bazaar in Cambodia – “Insect Market”? Here, you will be overwhelmed, scared before the live insects and insects processed into dishes, of course, it can not lack crispy black spider food – a specialty of the Cambodia excursions.

black spider insect market in cambodia

The origin of this dish is as unique as its taste itself. According to the indigenous peoples’ explanations, in the 1970s, Cambodia experienced a difficult time with a catastrophic famine. At this point, in order to combat hunger, people have to eat whatever they can to sustain life. And black spider appeared. Until now it is still a favorite food of Cambodian people as well as foreign tourists. There is even a town called the “black spider town” because this 8-foot creature has become a specialty food of the locals here. It is the Skuon town, Cambodia.

How to Make Cambodia Black Spider Dishes

Although the spiders are venomous, in fact, this black spider specialty is processed very simply. The spiders, after having been taken from the cave, do not have to go through a pre-processing stage to remove any parts; they are seasoned with salt, sugar, monosodium glutamate, and garlic. Fry the oil on the frying pan until the leg is hard, the spider’s body is cracked to be edible. This dish is very crunchy and fragrant. Or the spiders are soaked or sugar-coated are very attractive. When putting this special dish into your mouth, it feels like you are swallowing a living spider.

Is Cambodia Black Spider Safe & Delicious?

Insect dishes are not too familiar to many people, but the food from spiders is special. Ronan O’Connell of CNN after enjoying the spider Tarantula said: “Although knowing the spider died, but when put into the mouth it is still very scary.”

Black spider specialties are a favorite of Cambodia people, often eaten with herbs but not all travelers are brave enough to try. However, when eating spider meat completely no smell and “horror” as people still think that it has a special taste: crunchy like crab meat or chicken, cod. According to our Cambodia tourist experiences, if you eat for the first time and “not confident”, local people advised to only try to eat the spider’s feet for safety because the spider’s body also contains internal organs and fluid and hair intact. If you are a gourmand, you will enjoy the fat body before trying on the legs with hairs. The freshness and sweetness of spider mack will quickly dispel fear.

enjoy fried tarantula black spider in cambodia

However, for the people of Cambodia, the price of this dish is quite expensive, so they almost exclusively enjoy this specialty on special occasions such as birthday parties. With the sharing of Go Cambodia Tours, while traveling Cambodia, do not be too surprised when accidentally encountered these “scary” spiders are sold popularly on all roads. This unique culinary culture contributes to the tourism of Cambodia more and more developed, attracting a lot of tourists each year. If you have the opportunity to explore Cambodia, then you should enjoy the spider Tarantula food, you will certainly be impressed at first sight.