How to Bargain in Cambodian Markets?

How to Bargain in Cambodian Markets?

Your Cambodia tour will be not complete if you don’t go to the night market in this country. Strolling around a local market, you are easily attracted by a thousand products of Cambodian with a variety of the colors which make you have to pay money for it. Although you take a little money to buy it, if you know how to bargain will be more exciting. Don’t stress too much, with our tips below will return you become master in haggling in Cambodia as a local.

Be Friendly and Always Smile When You Ask

Definitely, when you buy something, always ask the price first. The price of the products can be more expensive from $1 to $1.5, so ask the seller about somethings, and don’t be hesitate. However, only ask is not enough, don’t forget to give them a smile, they will be more comfortable to give you the best price which is cheaper than the first ones.

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Shop Around

Whatever you want to buy, let’s go around the market to research about the product you want to buy before you throw down a wad of cash. In the same product, however, the price in the other stores is different, that’s a reason why we suggest to go around the market. For instance, if you buy a T-shirt with $30, in the others can be $40 or maybe cheaper $20. After bargaining, a T-shirt gets only $5.
If you meet someone buy similar items, you can ask them, of course, they are unaffiliated with any sellers to let you know what the “local price” is. It’s true that the foreigners may not be able to bargain down to the “local price” without local language skills, but they will give you an idea of where you should buy and start to bargain those items while shopping in Cambodia.
Note: Remember don’t accept the first price

Buy in Bulk – One of the Best Way to Get a Discount

Buy with a large number of items is a great idea to discount negotiations. If you buy with the bulk buy, let’s ask the shopkeeper the wholesale price. And the retail price for just one purchase or the wholesale price if you buy two or three items from the same shop. It suits to buy fabrics, clothing and souvenirs.

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Walk Away is also a Way of Bargain in Cambodia

After you bargain, but the vendor doesn’t give you the best price that you want, in case the price can be lower, let’s walk away. In theory, if you bargain a lot, the vendor will be so crestfallen that he or she doesn’t sell to you and give you an exasperated “ ok, you can have it, I sell to you with the original price”. The walk away strategy has the desired effect if you see the seller hesitates.

Don’t Rush to Pay Money

Remember don’t show out that you hurry, the sellers will guest that you need it and you so hurry and then they will give you the high price. Let’s consider carefully and negotiate with them. If you can, don’t go shopping in a narrow time frame.