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In spite of being one of Southeast Asia’s smallest countries, Cambodia can compete with neighboring Thailand and Vietnam when it comes to must-visit destinations. With a history both inspiring and depressing, Cambodia delivers an intoxicating present. Travel back in time to the Golden Age of the Khmer Kingdom then experience the modern bustle of Cambodian urban life would take you from the Capital city in Phnom Penh to the home of ancient Angkor Temples in Siem Reap. The magic and history of Cambodia’s famous Angkor temples are spectacular and continue to reward no matter how many times you visit. It is also worthwhile to take a vacation to Tonle Sap Lake’s charming floating villages and watch the sunset behind the mystical, temple-dotted jungle.

Go Cambodia Tours is operated by local tour operator Viet Vision Travel. We offer Cambodia tours and vacation packages with all travel services. We also specialize in tailor-made Cambodia tour itineraries for individuals, groups of all sizes, and families. Contact us now and start planning a great vacation to Cambodia.

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Cambodia Classic Tours

Intended Travel Date: 20 Jul – 8 Aug 2024

From $1,758

Tour Route: Hanoi – Sapa – Halong Bay – Hue – Hoi An – Ho Chi Minh – Vinh Long – Can Tho – Siem Reap – Phnom Penh

Cambodia Day Trips & Tour Packages

Phnom Penh – Siem Reap Tour – 8 Days

Get memorable experiences with an 8-day Cambodia tour to discover the beauty of this country. Discover the perfect blend of old traditions and modern developments in Phnom Penh, which preserves the trauma of the Khmer Rouge's war in the Killing Fields. Head to Siem Reap, a ceremonial city, with charming cafes, busy streets and great food. Discover unique culture and architecture "one of a kind" What are you waiting for? Pack your backpack and go to Cambodia right away!

Make most of your Cambodia tour by spending nearly 3 weeks adventuring all amazing destinations in the Khmer Kingdom. From the gorgeous capital on upon a time to historical relics filled by legends and fairy tales, from pristine nature to dreaming beaches with endless sand and the incredible undersea world. 20 days can bring you a ton of impression beyond your imaginations.

Cambodia Tour Packages

Essence of Cambodia – 12 Days

Explore the world wonder - Cambodia to take in view of awe-inspiring temples and the world of jungles and waterfalls. Our customized 12-day Cambodia vacation would take you to unearth the realm of the gods, the glory and suffering history, an empire of temples, the urban scene or even thrilling Upcountry Adventures, then your Cambodia trips will be filled with colors.

Cambodia Tour Packages

Panorama of Cambodia – 10 Days

Experience the excitement of this 10-day Cambodia tour with the famous tourist attractions. Explore the ancient cities of Cambodia near Phnom Penh. Continue your vacation to Battambang to explore beautiful villages. Then head to Siem Reap and explore the Angkor complex. Sail on Tonle Sap Lake and get to know more about the daily life of the people living on the river. Soak up the clear blue water at Kep. You will have an unforgettable trip.

Cambodia Itineraries 1 Week

Cambodia in Depth – 8 Days

Experience the 8-day Cambodia tour to discover the mystery of this Kingdom. Explore the pristine beauty and majesty of the Angkor complex, Royal Palace, and other famous monuments. Feel the friendliness and hospitality of the Cambodian people. Spend 8 days and 7 nights for a trip to Cambodia giving you the opportunity to discover from the relics on the land to the beach on the island.

Cambodia Family Tours

Travel Cambodia on a two-week vacation with your family from Phnom Penh, through the charming town of Battambang, the famous temples of Angkor in Siem Reap, toward the untouched beaches in Sihanoukville, the floating villages on Tonle Sap Lake. Following is the 13-day itinerary for your perfect Cambodia family adventure tour.

Perhaps Cambodia is not the particular destination for a family trip, but this country is the place you should go and give your children an insight into a unique culture still relatively unknown to much love of the world. That may be the story without ending between your children and his / her friends about the Angkor Wat, Sihanoukville, or the floating villages, which will put the impressions in their mind. What are you waiting for? Enjoy the best experience in your Cambodia Tour with the kid from today.

Believe us or not, Cambodia is so much for a fun family trip and great discoveries. Whenever you're ready for a long fight to get there, you'll see the fact that this country can delight all ages. For the elderly, he gave up to show his admiration for the inspiring city of Angkor. For children, it was not a completely new expedition in the east. There will be a lot of work to be done, the Viking mission is to complete on this fascinating trip, carefully designed by our experts. Take your family on this exciting trip and enjoy your valuable time together while exploring the best parts of Cambodia!

Cambodia Adventure Tours

Cambodia Cycling & Adventure Tours

Southern Cambodia Cycling Tour – 8 Days

Explore the southern paradise of Cambodia with dream beaches and untouched islands after visiting the wonderful capital of this Khmer Kingdom. A ton of experience and unforgettable memories of rustic villages are waiting for your cycling journey. Spend your 8 energetic days on bicycle wheels unlocking amazing Southeast Asia country.

Cambodia Cycling & Adventure Tours

Cambodia Adventure Tour in Style – 7 Days

Do not hesitate if you want to have a true Cambodia Adventure tour. Spend one week exploring all of the Cambodian spotlights including amazing sightseeing and interesting activities. Become an adventurer to unlock the hidden charms of this gorgeous country. With 7 days tour package in Cambodia, let's enjoy the majestic landscapes in Cambodia.

Cambodia Cycling & Adventure Tours

Phnom Penh to Sihanoukville Cycling Tour – 6 Days

Cycle from the capital Phnom Penh City, crossing the laid back seaside resorts in Kampot and Kep, then head to Sihanoukville passing traditional fishing villages. This Cambodia tour in 6 days will absolutely make your days in this stunning homeland.

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Go Cambodia Tours was My Choice!

Hi Tracey,

It was a wonderful experience in Cambodia. Thanks Tracey and your Go Cambodia Tours team for supporting me in my trip in this amazing country. Now, even when I come back home, Cambodia images still in my mind, from the show I saw to the crowed night market in Cambodia I went, everything was excellent. And I would like to say thanks to my friend, my own photographers, and my guide, Mr. Yuthna who gave me a lot of information about famous Cambodia sites which I never heard before.

Actually, I have sent you my review as soon as I come back home after Cambodia vacation. Definitely, I will recommend to my friend about Cambodia as well as your company. Thank you Tracey for a wonderful trip.

Best regards,

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Feedback of Mrs. Christina Vergara on Cambodia Trip

Hi Rebecca,

I just wanted to say thanks for helping us plan our trip. My family and I had a wonderful time. We also particularly appreciated our tour guide, Satya and wanted to make sure we were able to give feedback on this. Sharing too the selfie we took with him. Once again, thanks for creating my wonderful Cambodia vacation. And of course, we will introduce Cambodia as well as your agent with my friend!

Warmly regards,

Christina Vergara

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Feedback Go Cambodia Tours
Feedback Go Cambodia Tours

Supper Tours in Cambodia and Reliable Services

Dear Sophie,

As karma, we found this tour on the internet when we were finding the information about Cambodia Tours. Then, We decided to contact them, and we got a very fast reply and Tracey gave me many good options for the tour. We chose 10 days Panorama of Cambodia which we thought that it was the whole of Cambodia, and the tour we found. In these days in Cambodia, we really impressed with the sights and the places we visited. Especially, Angkor Wat which I read a lot on the internet, but it seemed that it was not enough until we heard its story from our tour guide, Sokleng. We learned a lot about Cambodia history, culture and Cambodia everyday life. It was amazing!

During my trip to Cambodia, everything was good. We also had a chance to talk with local people. Although we didn’t speak the same language, we felt warmly from them.

We would like to thank Go Cambodia Teams for your good care and we felt the warmth as our family during our Cambodia vacation. Surely, We will back to Cambodia once again.

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Cambodia Travel Guide

Cambodia Travel News

Pre-Read Travel Tips Before set a holiday to Cambodia

Transportation in a Cambodia trip

Go Cambodia Tours favors local transportation alternatives and conventional modes of transportation whenever possible because they typically have less of an ecological impact, help small local businesses, and are far more delightful.
You might travel through one of the following methods in Cambodia vacation, based on the holiday you're on:


Take the slow route and experience Cambodia as a courteous cyclo rider guides you through the towns.


The tuk tuk is a popular mode of transportation in Cambodia trip and is ideal for short journeys.


Pedaling, get to discover the Cambodian countryside. Drive through paddy fields while greeting passersby.

Our goal is to give visitors a memorable realistic feel during a Cambodia vacation, thus we make an effort to maintain as many distinctive and original accommodations as we can.

Homestay : You may spend time in a homestay if you travel with us to Cambodia.

Spend time with a local family and get a taste of country living. Make new acquaintances, delight in wholesome, home-cooked dishes, and see the rural areas of Cambodia.

In Cambodia, each season has its own benefits and drawbacks. The three distinct seasons in Cambodia's tropical climate are cold, hot, and rainy. The majority of the year in Cambodia is hot and muggy, with highs of 32°C recorded from mid-March to mid-May. During the period of the year, in January, you can experience Cambodia vacation packages in its most pleasant climate principal form. The months of May through October add to the annual total of precipitation, which increases humidity by approximately 80% and makes it uncomfortable for travelers.

Enjoy Cambodia culture in 7-day tour

The friendliness of Cambodians makes it clear that Khmer society predominates in that country. Buddhism had a significant impact on this kingdom's culture, rituals, traditions, and ceremonies.
The majority of Cambodians are quite cordial. Because they are aware that you are from a different culture, they will be highly understanding of your cultural spoofing behaviors. Nevertheless, as it brings your endearment to the Cambodian people, the effort to learn their culture is much more valued.
The Khmer cultural heritage predominates Cambodian society, which is shown in the friendliness of Cambodians. The history, beliefs, traditions, and manners of this monarchy have also been greatly influenced by Buddhism. Cambodians are typically quite amiable. Since they are aware that you come from a foreign culture, people will be quite understanding of social gaffes. The attempt to comprehend Cambodian society, nonetheless, is far more valued because it helps you be more affectionate to Cambodians.

Greetings in Cambodia

Praying with hands folded, palms in front of heart, and head slightly bowed is the customary method to welcome people. Som Peah is a salutation that expresses respect for other people, particularly those who have more social position. Additionally, shaking hands is popular; keep in mind that the French ruled Cambodia for a while.

Customs in Cambodia

People's social position is far more important than other things in the kingdom system. Cambodians frequently inquire about your personal life. At that point, they would like to determine the rating and the best manner to communicate with you.
Similar to other Indochinese nations, the demands of the group come before those of the personal. Public perception also was crucial. Safer to prevent openly demeaning Cambodians.

Grains, noodle bowls, and pan fries are typical in Cambodia, as they are in many other Asian nations. Although Cambodian cuisine draws heavily on Thai, Chinese, and Vietnamese cultures, it is typically not as peppery as dishes from its neighbors.

The local food you should try while visiting Cambodia

1. Fish Amok

Fish which has been covered in banana leaves and cooked in a curried creamy sauce of turmeric, lemongrass, ginger, and coconut milk. You'll be softened in the mouth with this velvety staple food.

2. Nom Banh Chok

Nom banh chok is a common breakfast dish consisting of rice noodles, green fish sauce, beansprouts, bananas blossoms, cucumbers, and a variety of other vegetables.

3. Lap Khmer

This Khmer delicacy, which isn't really your average chilled salads, is created with finely sliced, seasoned beef that has been gently grilled and is seasoned with lemongrass, shallots, garlic, fish sauce, herbs, and plenty of red chillies.

4. Ongkrong Saek Koo

The meal is a stir-fry of beef, basil, garlic, ginger, lemongrass, and a lot of ants, sprinkled with chillies and placed on a mound of rice. It was among the most appetizing insect selections you'll discover on a Cambodian restaurant.

5. Baguettes

Crispy, crunchy baguettes, a holdover from Cambodia's French colonial heritage, are offered at street food vendors and marketplaces and make the perfect, affordable breakfast or snacks.

6. Tropical Fruit

In Cambodia, there are plenty of tropical fruit you can find. For a cool drink, ask a drinking cart to whip you up a fresh and unique juice or smoothie.

7. Iced coffee

The popular iced coffee, sweetened with condensed milk, is a must-try drink in Cambodia. (You can always switch to fresh coconuts to satiate your thirst if the caffeine gets too intense)

Cambodia shopping experience

Cambodia has a wide variety of marketplaces, from the enormous Central and Russian Markets in Phnom Penh to the minor market segments. As in most Asian markets, haggling for a great bargain is usual.
Krama, a woven cotton scarf, was among the most well-known and distinctive gifts from Cambodia. These versatile clothes, which resemble sarongs, can be used for numerous different things in Khmer life, including washing, sunblock, and bathing. It serves as one of Cambodia's state emblems. It is simple to find it in marketplaces or tourist shops.
Local organizations and NGOs have tried to provide skills in fabrics and assist low-income people in getting jobs. Consider buying a traditional item from a social enterprise if you want to bring something from Cambodia home.

Festivals in Cambodia trip

Theravada Buddhist rites are the main source of Cambodia's celebrations. Despite their supposed divine aspect, Cambodians usually find a way to make them very entertaining. The following are a few of most significant holidays for you to experience the best Cambodia’s holiday trips:

Water Festival

The three-day event is a major holiday that marks the end of monsoon season and the beginning of harvests. Every November, people from towns all around Cambodia congregate by the river to rejoice, but Phnom Penh's celebrations are by far the greatest. It includes bright boat races, lit-up decorative boats, fireworks, musical performances, and an abundance of foods and beverages.

Khmer New Year (Chaul Chnam Thmey)

The Cambodian New Year is a significant occasion on the Khmer calendar, when individuals engage in ceremonies, enjoy classic games, show kindness to everyone, and celebrate for 3 days. The majority of Cambodians spend the vacation visiting their families.

Pchum Ben (Ancestors Day)

On "Ancestors' Day," Cambodians travel to pagodas with meal, grain, bouquets, and presents to give to the monks as offerings to the hereafter. In Cambodia, superstitions permeate all of the faiths. Choices are made not only to remember lost loved ones but also to prevent the dead from plaguing their lives.

Top 7 must-visit places in Cambodia holiday packages

1. Phnom Penh

Even if the metropolis of Cambodia is tumultuous, there are still peaceful times. Unwind in a riverbank pub, find peace in a nearby monastery, or take in the opulence of the Royal Palace.

2. Battambang

Gorgeous buildings, elaborate churches, serene buddhist temples, and picturesque may all be found in Battambang. You can visit this original location as a day excursion or overnight stay.

3. Siem Reap

The amazing Siem Reap promises great times, gastronomic excursions, and a generous dose of retail therapy thanks to its colorful marketplaces, fashionable pubs, outstanding eateries, and outstanding roadside cuisine.

4. Kompong Cham

Kompong Cham is a wonderful spot to slow down and change gears since it is filled with old elegance and tranquil serenity. Roam the streets and take in the deteriorating imperial architecture, find some tranquility at a Wat, or sit by the riverside and observe the passing fishers.

5. Angkor

Never underestimate the massive ruins of the once impressive Angkor. This archaeological site is both fascinating and awe-inspiring, with the amusing face of Bayon and the bony branches of Ta Prohm, not to mention the irresistible aura of mighty Angkor Wat.

6. Kampot

Kampot's Riverside is a wonderful spot to relax. This small oasis of peace serves as a gateway to the adjacent hills, waterfalls, caves, antiquities, and nature reserves. It boasts a variety of charming homestays and adorable eateries to keep visitors pleasant.

7. Kratie

Despite its tiny size, Kratie is an excellent place to settle and unwind for a few nights because it is home to uncommon river-dwelling dolphins, golden sunsets, and a stunning riverbank.

Cambodia safe travel

Go Cambodia Tours takes all precaution to be certain that trips are secure, engaging, and pleasant for everyone. Our company takes the health and safety of its customers very seriously. Before leaving, we advise all passengers to confirm the most recent information with their municipal authorities or regional travel guide institution.