Top 6 Reasons You Should Visit Cambodia, Is Cambodia Worth Visiting?

Top 6 Reasons You Should Visit Cambodia, Is Cambodia Worth Visiting?

Recently, Cambodia has been becoming a bright spot in South East Asia. By the rustic old world charm amalgamated with the beauty of modernity make Cambodia more beautiful than ever. For those who still consider the next destination in South East Asia, Cambodia is a fascinating suggest for you. Here are the top 6 reasons you have to drop in Cambodia, and I am sure that a Cambodia vacation will not make you disappointed. Trust on me!

1. Cambodia – The Country with Stunning and Fascinating Archaeological Sites

If you love the ancient beauty, come to Cambodia and back to the ancient civilizations to be wowed by Cambodia’s archaeological treasures. The old temples built from the 9th century still existed up to now. Exactly, the most famous, Angkor Wat, is known as the world’s largest religious monument and part of the Angkor Temple complex, and become proud of Cambodian when lied in the list of the UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Angkor Wat, Reason to visit Cambodia

2. There is a Scaled Down Maldives in Cambodia

In fact, there is the second Maldives in Cambodia. Cambodia is not only charming by the stunning sites in the land but it also attracts the travelers by the poetry of the beaches. Normally, most of the tourists have tended to go to Thailand or Vietnam, but they don’t know that they are missing that wonderful beaches in Cambodia. The vast stretches of white sandy beaches mix with the deep blue sea make a perfect combination to allure travelers looking for pristine beauty. With 5 hight light names: Koh Thmei, Koh Ta Kiev, Koh Totang, Koh Rong and the last one, Koh Rong Samloem as the gems and beachside locations like Sihanoukville that was likened to the Maldives in Cambodia.
Lying on the white sand and wear the sunglasses, take a quick dip, and enjoy water sports like surfing or snorkeling, just imagined, and we see the paradise!

Sihanoukville,cambodia vacaion

3. The History to Make Cambodia Name

Up to now, People know Cambodia with the awful sights in the past from the rule of the Khmer Rouge and the terrible genocide of the late 1970s. Companying with the local guide who has a giant knowledge about Cambodia history will give you more detail about the history. Let’s go to Choeung Ek, which is called as “the killing fields”. This place is known as an execution site during the Khmer Rouge’s reign. Besides, take a visit to Phnom Penh’s Tuol Sleng prison, where thousands of Cambodians were imprisoned and killed, is just as harrowing. Both of the places are the suggestion for those who want to know more about the darkest days of Cambodia and how they are developing the country as now.

4. Warm and Friendly People

It’s not the same as the people in many countries, the Cambodian is very friendly. There are no barriers between guests and locals, they always welcome you like an old friend who has a long time no see. Strolling along the street, the locals were keen on to talk to you and will tell you about their beautiful country.

5. Food in Cambodia – The Amazing Flavours Make Cambodian Cuisine Become Unique

Travel to Cambodia, Certainly, the traditional food of Cambodia you must try. Adjusting to 2 countries with rich in the flavor, Thailand, and Vietnam, Cambodia is mixed between two cultures and make Cambodia today. Normally, Cambodia food contains less coconut milk and sugar than Thai cuisine, they usually use the ingredients like bananas, limes, lemongrass, and shallots to make the flavor more attracting. Instead of using the spices, the Cambodian have tended to use herbs to add their foods. Some of the typical dishes in Cambodia you can try like: fish amok, bok say (green mango salad served with dried fish) and samlor karoo (soup made with vegetables and green fruit)

Cambodian cuisine, Cambodia trips

6. Easy to Access to Neighbouring Countries

This is an interesting idea when combining destinations like Laos, Thailand, and Vietnam, (Indochina tours) together. Mix with many cultures in one trip will make your vacation more colorful. Take a short flight or drive through the border will be a fascinating experience in your vacation