Dos & Donts in Cambodia | 10+1 You Need to Know

Dos & Donts in Cambodia

Cambodia is becoming a fascinating destination for tourists. It is a beautiful country with many unique cultural traditions. Knowing the “code of communication” will make your Cambodia tour packages more interesting and avoid culture shock or communication mistakes. This means you respect the local people you meet and show them that you are a great ambassador for your home country. These following tips will help you understand the temple country – Cambodia. Cambodia is a Buddhist country and the local people are very reserved so you must take these Dos and Don’ts in your mind when you have a Cambodia tour.



  • Ask before taking photos: a smile in Cambodia means shyness and discomfort so don’t ever presume that the locals feel ok when you capture their images. If they smile and nod with you, now you can take the photo.
  • Dress appropriately: It is necessary for you to dress politely in a Buddhist country. In Cambodia, whenever you enter worship places such as temples or pagodas you must cover your body well. No shorts, skirts over knees, halters, sleeveless shirts
  • Take off hat and shoes: it shows your politeness and your understanding of Cambodian culture, you should take off hat and shoes when entering temples, pagodas, offices, or home. If you are allowed to keep your shoes, feel free to do that.
  • Use both hands: You should prepare your business cards already if you want to spread your work. And must you both hands to give and receive cards, even gifts
  • Bring a gift if you invited: Visit the Cambodian family’s home, it will be polite if you bring a small gift such as fruit, dessert, or flowers.

cambodia do and dont


  • Do handshaking for greeting: In Cambodia, people don’t use hand to salute each other they bow and put their hand in pray position in front of their chest.
  • Use left hand: The Cambodian thinks the left hand is a dirty hand and it is only used to clean your body in the bathroom. Don’t use it for any purposes.
  • Touch one’s head: It is very rude to touch one’s head in Cambodia, even it’s a kid.
  • Display affection in public: The Cambodian is very reserved and they see affection display in public is very impolite action, even holding hands in public. Therefore, visiting Cambodia means that you should keep your emotional display to a respectful minimum.
  • Don’t kiss and hug in the public: In Cambodia, kissing and hugging is regarded as an impolite action.
  • Don’t point or gesture with your feet: The feet are considered the lowest form of the body, so point someone by feet is very impolite.