Top 8 Best Things to Do and See in KEP, Cambodia

Top 8 Best Things to Do and See in KEP, Cambodia

You are finding the place to enjoying the Summer vacation in Cambodia, why you don’t go to KEP? A Cambodian coastal town with a long history is an ideal for a few days you spend for relaxing on quiet beaches, exploring the countryside, enjoy the tasty seafood, and slowing down the pace of life. Kep still keeps for own beauty from the past up to now. Each of the visitors come here, they don’t want to leave. So what makes KEP become attracting like that? Let’s go with Go Cambodia Tours to find the answer.

A Charming KEP Beach

One of the first places, when you come to KEP, is to go to the KEP beach. You will be attracted by the golden sands which may well entice you to bask in the sunshine for longer than you intended. Soak in the blue ocean and catch some rays as you unwind in a peaceful atmosphere. Although the beach may be small, it’s rarely crowded and unlike the other beaches in Sihanoukville. Come to the KEP beach is one of the best ideas for your summer vacation in Cambodia.

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KEP Crab Market

Travel in KEP, your trip will never complete if you don’t go to Crab Market. Come to the market in the morning, you will see how crowded the market is. The seafood is available in the market. The people wading in and out if the waters to empty their crab pots. Strolling around the market, choose the crabs or you can enjoy the crab or seafood in the wooden shack restaurants. Besides the seafood, you can ask some other Khmer and Western dishes, so you’re not obliged to tuck into crab if you don’t want to. Visit the market and feel free to enjoy the food!

Rabbit Island in KEP

On these days in KEP, if you have the happy moment in KEP’s hiking, eating, and exploring, perhaps, it’s time to go to visit the Rabbit Island, called Koh Tansey in Khmer. Unlike most other tropical islands in Southeast Asia, Rabbit Island put on the unique beauty, which is truly off the tourist path.
Only take a 30-minute ferry from KEP and you will find yourself as losing in the paradise on the ground. Once on the island, you can find a small shack right on the beach to set down your bags and claim your bed. What is more interesting when you are lying on the beach, sip a beer, have some fresh food and listen to the Wave sound.

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Urban Ruins from the 1960s

There is one thing you should know when visiting in KEP which you back to the 1960s, the collection of abandoned houses. During the war, KEP had been a luxury seaside resort town of Cambodia beside Sihanoukville. Hide in among the trees and the modern houses of KEP, there were the skeletons of Cambodia’s past which is considered a period of prosperity.

Kep National Park

In KEP, there are hikes of varying lengths at the KEP National Park. For those who love the outdoor adventures, KEP national park as an ideal for you. Take a short drive from the town center, let’s head up into the hills and enjoy the amazing activities in KEP. Hiking in the top of the hill, you can see the fresh air, the clouds cover all of the space, make KEP National Park become picturesque. Visit this land, come into the lush jungle which is home to a diverse array of birds and insects, the rare animals such as lizards, monkeys, butterflies, and others.

Kep Butterfly Farm

Located next to the KEP National Park, KEP Butterfly Farm is considered as the newest tourist attraction in southern Cambodia which located in a really beautiful and peaceful spot in the Jasmine Valley. If your tour in KEP with kids, sure that your children will yell up when they see thousands of colorful butterflies in a very nice garden with lots of different kinds of flowers. Visit the butterfly farm, the staff will also explain how the caterpillars are kept and what it needed to farm the butterflies. You also are free to get close to the amazing butterflies, frolic in the midst of beautiful and colorful butterflies as well as take pictures with these most beautiful creatures in the world.

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Local Peper Farm in KEP

Travel to KEP, visit local pepper farm is also one of the travelers’ favors. Although Pepper is more popular in Kampot, and people also call Kampot pepper which becomes a branch of Kampot, this land is also reached on a day trip from Kep too. Located in Phnom Voar Mountain, you can see with your own eyes how pepper is grown and processed to make the products. Before leaving the farm, you can purchase the famous pepper to make your meals more interesting and flavourful.

Bokor Hill Stations

Besides the majestic nature of the scenery, KEP has also had the historic places, Bokor Hill Station is one of them. However, Bokor Hill stations have been disused. Back to history, this was once a thriving hotspot for holidaymakers. Come to Bokor Hill Stations, let’s explore the decaying structures, learn more about the area’s sad past, and enjoy sweeping views of the countryside.