Unique Culture in Cambodia

Khmer new year in Cambodia, Cambodia tours

If France enchants you with its romantic beauty, Cambodia will take your breath away by its majestic wonders and is a unique Khmer culture. Enjoying Cambodia tours or any Indochina tour packages means you have time to experience the friendly welcome from the people here and visit many beauty spots such as Angkor Wat and Angkor Thom. Cambodia has been influenced by India culture but it still retains its own identity.

Communication Culture in Cambodia

The Cambodian values greeting etiquette in daily life. Bowing with clasped hands in front of the chest is the traditional greeting in Cambodia (like the way to pray in Buddhism). The position of clasped hands and the bow show the level of respect for other people. The lower the bow is, the more respect you are expressing.
The most polite way to communicate by words is to add “Lok” for men and “Lok Srey” for women when you call their surname or full name

Respect guesture in Cambodia, Cambodia tours

Cambodian Present Culture

Only on new-year holidays or occasional parties, the Cambodian give presents to each other. They don’t concern much on a Western holiday like Christmas or a birthday. The Cambodian birthday is not an important day and so many old people cannot remember their birthdays. This also means no gifts on these days. They also have so many taboos in this field.
– Knives are not considered as gifts, especially, on new year holiday
– Presents must be carefully wrapped by colorful paper
– Gifts should be given by both hands.
– After taking, you must not open right away.

Khmer new year in Cambodia, Cambodia tour package

Eating Culture of the Cambodian

The Cambodian also values eating etiquette. If you are not sure how to do at a party or at a meal, just observe and do like others at the same age as you.
When you are invited to any party, you should wait until you are placed to avoid breaking the hierarchical order. Because the Cambodian very respect to the older so you should wait until the eldest speak
The eldest is usually the person sitting and eating first at the party. At the party, people also avoid talking about business. Only joyful talks are accepted.

Cambodian Value eating etiquette, Cambodia tour packages