Top 6 The Most Beautiful Beaches in Sihanoukville, Cambodia


For those who love beaches, like the feeling immersed yourself in the large space with the endless beaches. Feel the sun touch on your skin, the sand knit between your toes, and the ocean breeze lapping carelessly in the salty air. Make a quick search on Google about the beaches in Southeast Asia, besides Vietnam and Thailand sure that this name will make you surprise. Truthfully, Cambodia is a highlighted name with many beautiful beaches. If you are enjoying a Cambodia vacation, here are top 6 the most beautiful beaches in Sihanoukville in Cambodia for you!

Serendipity Beach – The Beach in Your Dream

Serendipity is known as the best place in Sihanoukville. Located on the east side of town and surrounded by bars and accommodations. And because of its beauty, Serendipity always attracts many tourists to come there. After dipping yourself into the clean water, at Serendipity, you also take part in many bars and restaurants on the beach front, which you also enjoy the food of your country, the western food, and local food. Lie on the white sand, let’s relax and watch the sky change beautiful shades of pink before the sun sets on the other side of town. At night, Serendipity looks like a luxury bar with a view faces towards the beach. Drink some beers, dance on the sand, and listen to the music mix with the wave, all of the things you can join in this party.

serendipity beach in your Cambodia tours

Ocheteaul Beach – Attracted You at the First Glance

Only beyond Serendipity beach a few kilometers, the Ocheteaul put on itself a beauty like that but smaller than Serendipity. Ocheteaul is loved by its real beauty, from the palm trees or the surrounding sceneries. After taking a time to dip yourself in the cool water, sit on the sand, order for yourself a beer or coconut is also an interesting idea. Close your eyes and listen to the sound of the waves which will help you forgot the worry in your mind.

Ocheteaul Beach, Cambodia vacation

Otres Beach – The Charming Beauty of Sihanoukville

Definitely, Otres beach is an integral part of the list the most beautiful beaches in Cambodia. In Otres beach, there are two main beaches, Otres 1 and Otres 2. Actually, there is no much difference between them, yet Otres 1 being more developed and where the fun stuff as opposed to Otres 2. If you like the beach which is near a beautiful quaint village with views of the river or a few fine dining spots, Otres 1 is an option for you. Or else if you like the activities such as windsurfing, kayaking or others, Otres 2 is for you. Especially, Otres 2 is also an ideal suggestion suit for couples.

Otres Beach, Travel to Canbodia

Koh Rong Island – The Gems of Sinoukville

On the Koh Rong island, most of the small beaches are all equally beautiful. It will be easier for you to know in one category. Known as Monkey Island, for the first time, it’s cared for by many tourists. Moving to Koh Rong Island, it’s faster when you access Koh Rong by taking a fast boat from Sihanoukville. Here is a true place you are finding for your vacation which owns the crystal clear waters, immaculate white sands, and complete seclusion and escapism in Cambodia.

Koh Rong Island, travel to Cambodia

Koh Rong Samleom – a Robinson Crusoe Island in Sihanoukville

As soon as set your foot in Koh Rong Samleom, the place will blow you away completely. The island is a great heaven for relaxing. With twin beach huts randomly sparsed out on the beach, the island is known as a Robinson Crusoe island. Follow to the small marked trail to get to the main beach and was greeted by foam peaks rushing rapidly to meet. Rush to the blue water, the fine with sand, it’s difficult to think that you are in Cambodia. The beach is still beautiful like that with a daily sweep the beach remains spotless and maintains its beauty. The beach is also known for the famous activities like snorkeling. Beyond the beauty in the day, in the late afternoon, the beach is also the best destination for watching the deep colorful sunsets.

Koh Rong samleom, Cambodia trip

Sokha Beach – Hidden Beauty of Sihanoukville

The last one in the list we have to mention to Sokkha Beach, which is well known for wide white sands stretching for over a kilometer and the placid waters perfect for your swimming. Although it’s not famous like Otres or Koh Rong, it’s worth to visit once time.
At Sokha beach, if you like an adventure tour in, you can go to the fishing village, spend your time and enjoy the fantastic holiday in this area. This will be an exciting experience for you in Sihanoukville as well as in Cambodia.

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