Feedback of Ms. Yvonne Cuddy on Cambodia Tour

Dear Rebecca,
I hope you and your family are well. I do apologies for not contacting you earlier.  It has been hectic getting back to work and sorting everything out after our holiday, we also had arranged to go camping with friends last weekend so that was busy too. We had a truly wonderful holiday and thank you so much for the beautiful gifts which were totally unexpected, they look great in our home.  We also did not expect a refund at all so thank you for making this possible.

Our holiday was wonderful we loved all the guides they showed us a great time at Cambodia that wouldn’t have been possible if we had gone alone without your help. Everything is so good, from the tour guide, driver, hotel, etc… we almost have no trouble during our tour in Cambodia.

I have been planning to write to you to thank you for making it all possible but just didn’t get round to it as we have been so busy.  Ella kept a diary during our trip, it’s lovely to read it back and remember the great times we had.
Thank you again for arranging this amazing trip and I am so sorry that I left it so late to respond.

Best regards,

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