Cambodia Festivals in January

International New Year’s Day, Cambodia local tour

January is one of the most important moths of Cambodia as two special days fall this month. These holidays cannot be called festivals, but they are pivotal events to Cambodian people. They are New Year’s Day and Victory over Genocide Day. If your trip to Cambodia in January, luckily, you also can join it with local.

International New Year’s Day

  • Time: January 1st
  • Location: Throughout Cambodia
  • Meaning: The day celebrates the beginning of the Gregorian New Year.
International New Year’s Day, Cambodia Trips
Fireworks displays to welcome International New Year’s Day

Despite the fact that International New Year’s Day is an official holiday, it was not widely celebrated in Cambodia several years ago. Until now, to welcome the new year, thousands of Khmers perform various colorful firework displays attracting both locals and international visitors at the riverside.

Victory over Genocide Day

  • Time: January 7th
  • Location: Throughout Cambodia
  • Meaning: The day commemorates the end of Pol Pot’s terrible regime in 1979. It is also an occasion for locals to pay respect to the deceased.
Victory over Genocide Day, Tours in Cambodia
Cultural activities celebrating Victory over Genocide Day

Contrary to the boisterous activities of the International New Year’s Day, Victory over Genocide Day reflects a somber atmosphere. Starting from 1975 Pol Pot led the Khmer Rouge regime that was marked by changing the name of Cambodia to Democratic Kampuchea. It is estimated that around two million Cambodians were killed in the four years of the Khmer Rouge regime from starvation, illness, overwork in the labor camps or execution for not embracing the ideals of the Khmer Rouge. It was not until Vietnamese troops arrived in Cambodia and started the assault that the regime ended on January 7th, 1979. The annual celebration of Victory over Genocide Day is very important for all Cambodians. They call this day a second birthday because Vietnamese troops gave them hope for a better future. The celebration is usually marked by the remembrance services for those who lost their lives during that dark period.

Join in the joyous atmosphere and create unforgettable memories on your Cambodia tour. Don’t miss the opportunity to witness these vibrant festivals and be part of the colorful tapestry of Cambodian culture.

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